Visual Stories by
Jane Lawton Baldridge
Artist Profile

Self Portrait
The stories Jane Lawton Baldridge tells are the stories of lives of the past -- distant and recent. Some of them are her deeply personal stories; others recall lives of people around her. Yet they all seem to convey a tale in the same manner. Old photographs, newspaper clippings, found objects and hand-written letters document life as the artist has seen and experienced it. And using her artist's eye and her computer, she has combined these documents and images to create digital collages, so to speak.
~ Wilmington Star News




Computer Art - Hoggard High School 1999
Computer Art - Snipes Elementary School 1995, 1997
Computer Art - Montessori School, 1996
Arts in Education, 1996
Arts in Education - Sienna Heights Collge, 1988
Columbia Community Education, 1985 - present
Brooklyn Artists Association, 1985-88
Art Goes to School, 1987

Occupational Record

Self employed February 1995 - present
Technician, Page Processor - Modular Graphics, Wilmington NC 1993-95
The Cape Fear Real Estate Directory, Wilmington NC 1991-93
Fidler's Gallery, Wilmington NC 1988-91
The Village Gallery & Frame Shop, Brooklyn MI 1985-89


High School for the Performing and Visual Arts, Houston TX 1974
California Institue of the Arts, Valencia CA 1977-78
The Alfred G. Glassel Museum School of Art, Houston TX 1978-82
Community Arts Center, Wilmington NC 1990