Visual Stories by 
Jane Lawton Baldridge
Gallery Four

For Keely

This piece is dedicated to the families who have survived by farming for generations. The small family farms have been auctioned off and future generations will work in factories or burger joints, God help them.

Gicleé Print
55" x 47"

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I lived in Michigan from 1985 - 1988. Every day when I drove into town another farm was filled with cars and folks. You could pick out the family being foreclosed on, standing dejectedly, quiet and to the side as everything they owned went to the highest bidder to pay the banks which are now owned by the big corporate farms. Keely, her brother and her daddy; and Mark, Gomer and Mike....


Southern Belle

Iris prints wrapped on 8x10 stretchers which are screwed together, then wrapped in a rose colored tulle.

28" x 40"

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Southern women may be as pretty as a magnolia
but they dare not bruise as easily.

Valentines I

Sweet sentiments from
lovestruck college boys
to Elizabeth McIntosh

Collage on Tyvek
40" x 30"

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This piece explores some of my mother's mysterious love interests through the very interesting communication form -- telegrams and war letters. I have never received an actual telegram.


Broken Dreams

A public service piece

Iris prints mounted on
multiple canvases
40" x 40"

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If this helps at least one woman leave or one person understand it will have meaning.


Jane's Dilemma

This piece was inspired
by my friend Fritzi's ability
to find humor in our lives.

Gicleé Print
31" x 31"

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This work is obvious in its subject.


Love Letter Gone Bad

This piece is about a box of
love letters that my Mom had
saved and I just barely found.

Gicleé and Acetate
48" x 72"

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Sometimes we want something so bad we don't realize
that it is not right.

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